Rolling Stone Rolling Stone, the source for news in music, politics, movies & TV, and pop culture, needed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant to design an email migration plan, that also required the integration of web and print content from their current content management system.

I worked members of the email, online, web, creative and print teams to create a system architecture to support the consolidation of subscribers, members, and content, and then transitioned their email promotions, renewal campaigns, and recurring payment triggered campaigns into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I continued to work with the Member marketing team to streamline auto campaigns and cross promotional offers for print and online subscriptions.

The Economist The Economist, the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs, needed an email marketing expert to conduct their RFP process and email vendor evaluations, assessing the functionality and capabilities of 10 major Email Service Providers. With the selection of Salesforce Marketing Cloud [ExactTarget], I served as the project lead for the implementation of and integration of the platform with Drupal, Omniture, and Salesforce. I worked with the technology team to develop an automated process, using the ExactTarget API, to populate content directly from the website each time a new story was published on the website. I coordinated their IP ramp-up and subscriber migration, working closely with their newsletter team to help transition their newsletter templates and content.

I continued to work with The Economist on several email projects, including the creation of an AMPscript dynamic subscription campaign (increasing new subscriptions by 15%), RSS integrated content in emails, API triggered welcome emails and welcome series, forced churn program, and a subscriber reengagement campaign (generating a 20% return rate).

Equinox Equinox, known for their high-end luxury gyms and the leaders in personal training and group fitness, needed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant to manage the migration and integration of their email marketing program.

I worked directly with the Member Marketing and Acquisition teams to transition their Lead and Member communications, auto campaigns, and recurring payment triggered campaigns. I provided on-site Salesforce Marketing Cloud system training and support during the migration and helped streamline their production and deployment process, making their marketing efforts more efficient.

I continue to work with Equinox to develop and implement automated nurturing campaigns and user journeys that target Prospects, Members, and Former Members, based on their gym location, exercise class categories, personal training preferences, and membership benefits (increasing engagement by 30%).

WebMD WebMD, the largest online source of health information and health management tools, needed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud marketing and technology consultant to conduct a comprehensive audit of their systems and API integration, subscriber profiles and demographic analysis, and design review and recommendations for all email campaigns and communications.

I worked members of the email, content, web, and creative teams to outline the current Salesforce Marketing Cloud practices in place, identify steps to streamline overall email marketing processes, and implement strategies to increase response rates and subscriber engagement though automation, dynamic content, personalization, and segmentation.

RenewLife ReNew Life, one of the nation’s leading authorities on natural digestive health, detoxification and internal cleansing, needed to increase sales and customer retention through their email marketing program.

I advised the ReNew Life Marketing team and worked with their creative and technology resources to revamp their email marketing program and introduce several new campaigns, including refill reminders, dynamic product recommendation emails, and product upsell campaigns (increasing email revenue by 20% and improving customer retention and refill rates by 25%).

Healthy Directions Healthy Directions, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of health and nutritional supplements, needed to develop a series of email newsletters to promote their nutritional supplements and content from their print newsletters.

I partnered with the Healthy Directions marketing team to design a series of health specific newsletters that combined articles about each health topic with the best-selling supplements for each health concern. I also helped them create a series of refill reminders, dynamic product recommendation emails, and product upsell campaigns (increasing email revenue by 30% and improving refill rates by 35%).

Random House Random House, the world’s largest trade-book publisher, needed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud [ExactTarget] technology expert to lead the integration of their website registration forms using the ExactTarget API.

I worked with the Random House IT team to develop the necessary API calls to connect their web registration forms for 20 separate business divisions with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. I also created a universal triggered confirmation message which dynamically changed the branding, design, and layout of the confirmation message based on the business division or newsletter subscription.

NYC & Company NYC and Company, the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York needed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud [ExactTarget] expert to take over and expedite the migration of their subscribers and newsletter content in just one week.

I was able to quickly work with their Marketing teams to build their newsletter lists and newsletter templates, and migrate their subscribers and newsletter content in a matter of days. I also worked with the technology team to help integrate their website registration and sign up forms with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud [ExactTarget] API, so all subscribers and content could be managed within the platform.

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